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This is the literary equivalent of lighting up a fat blunt with author Grant Wamack and sharing a good talk about fiction, life, esoteric shit, music, and more.

Who the f*ck is Grant Wamack? Grant Wamack is the Wonderland-nominated author of GOD’S LEFTOVERS, BLACK GYPSIES, A LIGHTBULB’S LAMENT, and NOTES FROM THE GUTS OF A HIPPO. He’s published more than 40 short stories in a various publications and currently resides in Los Angeles.

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Grant Wamack
Grant Wamack is the Wonderland award nominated author of BLACK GYPSIES, GOD'S LEFTOVERS, and A LIGHTBULB'S LAMENT. He pulls tarot cards, practices jiu jitsu, and smokes weed in Los Angeles.